High School Faculty Library Policy

Library Use:

Teachers are encouraged to use the library for themselves and their classes and are encouraged to collaborate with the librarian on research projects.


Scheduling Classes:

Teachers may reserve a time to bring classes to the library or computer lab by reserving a time with the librarian. If there are no classes scheduled, teachers are welcome to bring classes anytime.  Connections are available in both the library and the computer lab for teachers to bring a PC or MAC laptop to project a lesson.  When classes come to the library, teachers are expected to accompany and supervise the students.  Learning is enhanced when both the teacher and the librarian collaborate on library/technology projects.  Laptops may also be reserved for use in the library or the classroom.


Library Pass:

Students must have a pass signed by their teachers to come to the library individually during a class time.  Teachers may send only four students at one time to the library without accompanying them. 



Teachers are encouraged to utilize the library for their own personal reading pleasure and for curriculum-based teaching.  Teachers may check out any media or equipment for as long as the item is needed.  They are also encouraged to return any item not being used as soon as possible for circulation purposes.   



Textbooks are stored in the book room and managed by the library. Teachers may arrange to books individually checked out to students.  Graphing calculators are checked out to students through the library circulation system on an overnight basis only.  All teacher’s editions and teacher resource materials are to be checked out through the library circulation system.  All textbook or curriculum-related instructional materials requests must be approved by the principal.


Check-Out List:

An electronic report of all items checked out from the library may be requested by any faculty member.  An email request from the teacher to the librarian may be sent; a response with a digital file will be sent to the requester within 48 hours.


Video Use in the Classroom:

Teachers should be aware that showing videos in the classroom for entertainment is a violation of the Fair Use Guidelines of the US copyright law.  Videos shown in classrooms are to be curricular-based and documented in lesson plans.  Teachers are responsible for securing permission from the principal for any video shown in class.  Permission forms may be found in the teacher's Google Docs here: https://goo.gl/forms/cytkxwjG6vj9TbPh1


Media Available:

Professional resources, print books (fiction, nonfiction, biography, Spanish language, reference, Italy Collection), audio (CD, mp3), video (VCR and DVD), novel class sets and teacher guides, vertical file, magazines and newspapers.  All media is searchable via the online card catalog.


Computers Available:

Four research computers are available for individual student use.  One computer is designated for online card catalog use only.  The Computer Lab (the room behind the library) is available for classes by reservation.


Equipment Available:

Video projector and laptop combo, large and small projection screens, document camera, digital camera, tripod, digital video cameras, flip video, iPods, classroom performance system (response clickers), TV, VCR player, DVD player, cassette players, CD players, and computer microphone


Curriculum services: 

The librarian(s) will locate print and online sources for lesson plans and projects, team-teach research and technology skills, purchase curriculum books and videos, set up equipment, provide training, and other curriculum based services.  Our job is to help you and your students locate the resources you need to be successful in your classes.

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