High School Student Library Policy

Library Pass:

Students are encouraged to use the library anytime during school hours for pleasure reading, research, or as a study area.  If extra time is needed before or after school, arrangements can be made with the librarian.  Students must bring a pass signed by their subject area teacher to come to the library during class time without an attending teacher.  The pass should be shown to the librarian when entering the library.  The librarian will sign the pass for the student's return with a time of departure. 


Library Behavior:

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner while visiting the library.  They are expected to show respect to other students and staff as well as showing respect for the media contained in the library.  Students who are not following these guidelines will be asked to leave the library.


Media Check-Out:

Books and audio are checked out for 10 school days and may be renewed unless there is a hold on the item.  Holds must be claimed within 24 hours.  High school and junior high students may have two items checked out at one time other than textbooks or calculators.  Reference books and magazines may be checked out overnight. 


Textbook Check-Out:

Most textbooks are checked out to individual students.  Students are responsible for returning the textbooks in good condition.  If books contain damage upon check out, students must inform the librarian so they are not held responsible for that damage when books are returned.  Graphing calculators are checked out to students through the library circulation system overnight only.  Teachers have sets of calculators to use during class.  Students are financially responsible for any textbook or calculator not returned in good condition.



A fine of 10 cents per school day per book or magazine will be charged for overdue media.  Novel class sets are not charged a fine, but must be returned or paid for. Fines are not waived for field trips or ISS.  Students must be fine free to graduate and are encouraged to stay current with fine payments.  If an item such as a calculator or textbook is lost, students may set up payment plans to make paying for large ticket items easier.  


Lost or Damaged Media:

Students will replace lost or damaged media, textbooks, and calculators at the cost of the item.



Students may use the research computers independently before, during, or after school for current research projects.  To come to the computer lab during school hours, a student must have a signed pass that states that the student is to use the computer and for what reason.

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