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Course Description

In level III art courses, students will analyze visual characteristics of natural and human-made subjects in a variety of

ways, illustrating flexibility in solving problems, creating multiple solutions, and thinking imaginatively. Students will

solve visual problems and will develop multiple solutions for designing ideas, for clarifying presentations, and for

evaluating consumer choices. Students also will trace influences of various cultures on contemporary artworks; will

analyze original artworks, portfolios, and exhibitions; and will provide examples of in-depth exploration of one or

more themes.


 In level IV art courses, students will create themes for personal artworks that integrate a broad range of visual

observation, experiences, and imagination. They will identify and illustrate art history as a major source of

interpretation. Students also will develop evaluative criteria for selecting artworks to include in a portfolio and senior

exhibition that demonstrate a high level of creativity and expertise in one or more art areas.

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