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History » 10th Grade - World History

10th Grade - World History

World History is a course that lives up to its name.  Our journey starts with the a nod to both the Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Era. Things take of with a discovery of the Early River Valley Civilizations. The journey continues with the rise and fall of various civilizations on all of the continents except Antarctica.  We will finish our journey with the current American Civilization up to the Obama Administration.  In between, our journey will include examinations of:
Ancient Greece
Roman Republic/Empire
The Aztec, Mayan, and Incan Empires of The New World
The Crusades
The Dark Ages
The Renaissance
The Enlightenment
American/French/Bolshevik Revolutions
Feudal Japan
The Dynasties of China
World War One and Two
The Cold War
War on Terror