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Art courses are offered on four different levels which all share the same four basic strands—perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation. Students rely on their perceptions of the environment, developed through increasing visual awareness and sensitivity to surroundings, memory, imagination, and life experiences, as a source for creating artworks. They express their thoughts and ideas creatively, while challenging their imagination, fostering reflective thinking, and developing disciplined effort and problem-solving skills. An art fee of $15 is required for all Art courses.


High School Art
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Jr High School Art 
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Class Schedule
Period 1 - (7:45-8:35)          Art 3 & 4
Period 2 - (8:38 - 9:28)        Art 1 
Period 3 - (9:31-10:21)        Conference 
Period 4 - (10:24-11:14)      Graphic Design
A Lunch - (11:17- 11:47)
Period 5 - (11:50-12:50)      Art 1 
Period 6 - (12:53-1:43)        8th Grade Art 
Period 7 - (1:46-2:36)          Graphic Design
Period 8 - (2:39-3:30)          7th Grade Art
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