Alumni Association

If you ever attended Italy schools, you should be receiving an ex-student letter each year. If you are not receiving one or know of anyone who is not, please let us know. It is also important for us to receive updates on those who have moved or are deceased.


P.O. Box 476

Italy, TX 76651

Phone: 972-483-7482

Email: italyexstudents@yahoo.com

The Italy Ex-Student Association is a vital link between ex-students and the Italy school and community. The first organization that can be remembered was during the mid-sixties. The late Bennie Hall Smith (class of 1932) was secretary at that time, and an elected president presided at business meetings held each year before or after the Homecoming game.

According to Diane Maida Lawson (class of 1965), she and Donna Yarbrough Cate (class of 1969) took over from Bennie in 1974. They made a concentrated push in the late 70’s or early 80’s to obtain addresses of ex-students.

About 1987 Diane sent out the letters herself until about 1995 when Josephine Poe Ivy (class of 1958), also secretary at Italy ISD, took over mailing out the letters. From 2003 until the present time, Altha Williams McNeely (class of 1948) has done the job.

From 1987-1991, one $200 scholarship was awarded each year; 1992-1993, one $300 scholarship; 1994-2003, two $300; 2004-2007, two $500; and beginning in 2008, two $1,000. The Joanne Knotts Aldridge Scholarship in amount of $1,000 has been presented to a deserving female student since 2006 when the award was initiated.

The interest, thoughtfulness and generosity of ex-students cannot be matched. It is because of you, the Ex-Students of Italy High School, that these awards can be made and continue to increase.